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The media frenzy over the 'bajan' heatwave we are enjoying reminded me of a voyage I was fortunate to take some years ago on a MyTravel cruiseliner around the Caribbean [cue wobbly lines and flashback sound effect]

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Another year
, another 10 days of pleasant brain pickling in Southern France. Almost Groundhog day for alcofrolics I land and immediately fall into the rhythm;  bread wine cheese wine olives wine meat wine.  Rinse (brain) repeat.

The appetising plate above (stupidly embellished with inedible fried thyme for photogenic reasons) does not begin to convey the game changing discovery recently made.

My Manda chilli sauce ravaged palette has possibly led me to start adding/substituting not quite random ingredients to regular favourites with interesting effects. Or I could be attempting to override Sensory Specific Satiety so that I can eat more.